Top 10 Dangerous Truck & Car Crossing Railway Tracks
  • 11.04.2021
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Hello; Top 10 Dangerous Truck & Car Crossing Railway Tracks / Crazy Driving Skills 2021 channel that show all Machinery Works: - The Heavy Equipment Operator Excavator in Deep Mud, Heavy Recovery and Fails - Climbing High The Top Down Cutting Down Giant Trees - Agriculture Equipment and Machines - Cutting Down Trees with Long Chainsaw, Sawmill - Excavators, Bulldozers, Backhoe Loaders, Skid-Steer Loaders, Motor Graders, Crawler Loaders, Trenchers, Scrapers, Common Dump

Top 10 Dangerous Trains Crashing
  • 11.04.2021
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Hello; It's amazing that so many railroad crossings in the USA are so humpy that big rigs "run aground" and get stuck on them. I love it when people zoom up so close that they’re so shaky you can’t see what the heck they’re doing. I've been a trucker for almost 40 yrs. I've yet to understand why someone would stop on a set of tracks. I ran a lowboy trailer for 15 yrs. You better know where you can and can't go.

Biggest Excavator Fails Working Compilation
  • 11.04.2021
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Hello; Half way through that instructor is pretty hard headed, first thing you teach these people is put on your seatbelt! Seems like they are being trained to be operator's for hazardous job sites and are expendable! Judging from many of the equipment brands- Doosan, XCMG, Lonking, Sany- Many of these videos were taken in China.

Extremely Biggest Heavy Equipment idiots at Work
  • 11.04.2021
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Hello My Visitor! Greeting to see the best videos of extremely heavy equipment idiots at work fails Fails Win by no skill and skill operator - all videos are awesome in the world. Some people just don't deserve to have good new toys to play with if they are going to treat them so badly.

10 Largest Articulated Trucks in the World
  • 11.04.2021
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Hello; Articulated trucks for construction and mining work transporting large amounts of sand or rock in quarries or mines. Articulated dump trucks, articulated dump trucks or dump trucks that can carry more than 50 tons of payload, greater than 10 meters and weigh more than 30 tons.Just a little update on no.8. Doosan DA45 is manufactured in Norway. This was a Norwegian dumper manufacturer named Moxy which was bought by South Korean Doosan.

Liebherr R9250 Super Longreach
  • 10.04.2021
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Liebherr is a German-Swiss multinational equipment manufacturer based in Bulle, Switzerland with its main production facilities and origins in Germany. It consists of over 130 companies organized into eleven divisions: Earthmoving, Mining, Mobile cranes, Tower cranes, Concrete technology, Maritime cranes, Aerospace and transportation systems, Machine tools and automation systems, Domestic appliances, and Components. It has a worldwide workforce of over 42,000, with nine billion euros in revenue for 2017. By 2007, it was the world's largest crane company.

BURLAK Russian Truck
  • 10.04.2021
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If the Japanese Toyota (units) is taken as a basis, I think it makes sense to present this project to the manufacturer, perhaps you will receive funding as a project, or joint projects based on ready-made ones.

  • 10.04.2021
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A walking excavator or popularly spider excavator is a special type of all-terrain excavator. Like the regular excavator it consists of a boom, stick, bucket and cab on a rotating platform known as the "house". However, its house sits atop an undercarriage consisting of leg or arm-like extensions with or without wheels. All extensions can move in increments, hence the name walking excavator. This is different from an early 20th century dragline excavator where a set of feet plate are alternately lifted and lowered.

M1070 off road camper bug out C&C Equipment
  • 10.04.2021
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The Oshkosh M1070 is a U.S. Army tank transporter tractor unit. In current service in A0 and A1 configurations, the M1070 is coupled to a DRS Technologies M1000 semi-trailer. The primary purpose of this combination is the transport of the M1 Abrams tank. It is also used to transport, deploy, and evacuate armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery, armored bulldozers and other heavy vehicles and equipment of all types.

Super Kenworth W-990
  • 10.04.2021
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Kenworth Trucks, Inc. is an American-based truck manufacturer. Founded in 1923 as the successor company to Gerlinger Motors, Kenworth specializes in production of heavy-duty (Class 8) and medium-duty (Class 5-7) commercial vehicles. Headquartered in Seattle suburb Kirkland, Washington, Kenworth has been a wholly owned subsidiary of PACCAR since 1945, operating alongside sister company (and marketplace rival) Peterbilt Motors.

10 Largest and Powerful Motor Graders in the World
  • 09.04.2021
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Typical graders have three axles, with the steering wheels in front, followed by the grading blade, then a cab and engine atop tandem rear axles. Some graders also have front wheel drive for improved performance. Some graders have optional rear attachments, such as a ripper, scarifier, or compactor. A blade forward of the front axle may also be added. For snowplowing and some dirt grading operations, a main blade extension can also be mounted.

10 Most Amazing Mobile Cranes in the World
  • 09.04.2021
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A mobile crane is a cable-controlled crane mounted on crawlers or rubber-tired carriers or a hydraulic-powered crane with a telescoping boom mounted on truck-type carriers or as self-propelled models. They are designed to easily transport to a site and use with different types of load and cargo with little or no setup or assembly.

Marble Mining
  • 09.04.2021
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Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. In geology, the term marble refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stonemasonry more broadly encompasses unmetamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.

Peterbilt Custom ARI Sleeper
  • 09.04.2021
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Hello; This video is talking about and showing the living space and more in a super sleeper . 2018 peterbilt custom ARI sleeper was seen at the gats truck show in Dallas taxes by trucker brown and Tiffany Hanna from the face book group YTTA. this video was seen first on patreon