We made a big investment for the stop
  • 31.10.2021
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The board turned out gread. The finish on then was amazing. For real thought I love hove she’s happy with the work

Southern Yellow Pine Boards with The Sawmill Queen
  • 27.10.2021
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Trey and Zoey, you have a great thing going there, so glad i stumbled on your page, love the resin work!!!! A little advice from a guy that's running Mill for a long time you shim up the small end. you want to center the pith of the log so that it's parallel to the log deck that way you get ring centered saw boards they dry straighter and you get more wood out of the log. yep, that first cut made my stomach hurt , you are right, they dry straighter and won't splinter less what you mean, that was bad ha ha ha , great gosh that was sad to see, yes some sort of taper compensation is needed. On logs with taper if you jack up or spacer the small end you'll get more wood out of it. You roughly want the centers of each end of the log at the same height. Beautiful yellow pine. This will be a beautiful shop and you will be saving thousands of dollars by milling your own lumber. Great job and am looking forward to your build. Great job on the milling. Have an awesome day.

Two Beautiful Blondes Cutting Dimensional Lumber On The Sawmill
  • 27.10.2021
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The cameraman is doing a great job considering that he is using only one hand. You are right, he is making sure that Big machine never gets cut out of the frame. Where is the other hand🤔? LoL I see what you did there. I hope that log never gets finished. Good work on the boys finding a way to make this sawmill pay for itself. Smart man! I love how they're wearing the proper PPE gear. They definitely know what they're doing alright. Bending over front and back. Nice job camera man!

caterpillar loader vs volvo loader and excavator heavy equipment
  • 27.10.2021
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caterpillar loader vs volvo loader and excavator heavy equipment heavy equipment accidents. Caterpillar excavators work hard. It is powerful equipment in this video. Highlight the bulldozers and heavy equipment fails the excavator Caterpillar .

Xenia is reviewing tractors (1h non stop)
  • 27.10.2021
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I absolutely LOVE this girl's big, beautiful, round... sunglasses! Edit: I would totally buy her a Lamborghini Spire F90.4 S/V VRT, and a low-mileage used Gallardo. :) I use to think that tractor is to work with,sudenly I change my mind,Xenia is to work with,and tractor can take a rest. I use to think that tractor is to work with,sudenly I change my mind,Xenia is to work with,and tractor can take a rest. Come, honey, jump on my lap as much as you want.

Beautiful FARMER GIRL in poland
  • 27.10.2021
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I have been subscribing to these girls since they started Beautiful hard working ladies... Nice job girls! Really nice video! Greetings from The Netherlands!

Farm Girls and Tractors part 30
  • 27.10.2021
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Farmall,john deere,Ford,international,new holland

  • 27.10.2021
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pretty girl is always beautiful Pretty girl. But which girl is stupied enough to drive a tractor dressed like this? girl name and surname please.

Dairy Raw Milking Robot Cure Cows Farm Pretty Girl Tree Cutting Chainsaw Cow Milking
  • 27.10.2021
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STIHL Tree Cutting Chainsaw Cow Milking Feeding Farming Tractor brands and manufacturer / Traktor, Trecker bzw. Schleppermarken und Hersteller: z.B. JACTO, Delvano Euro, Fendt, John Deere, Samson, Kubota, New Holland, Claas, Massey Ferguson, Case IH, Deutz Fahr, Valtra, Ford, Steyr, VERSATILE, JCB, CAT, Grimme, Merlo, Dewolf, Holaras, Lemken, Valmet, SCARAB, KAWASAKI, Yanmar, DOLBI, BROUWER, Krone, Picus, Jeantil, Sitrex, Premier, YASKAWA, MOTOMAN, STAALKAT, Atom, Gamber, Lely, SOYEZ, VOLVO, Smyth, DOOSAN, WEIDEMANN, HYUNDAI, MAN, MB, BELAZ, KOMATSU, Warrior, GOODYEAR, Trelleborg, Michelin Tires uvm. Incredible modern pork beef processing factory technology & amazing farming production workers skill

Tractor Driver Woman Power Farmer XTZ VOLVO CASE IH NEW HOLLAND JCB Mega Machines 2020
  • 27.10.2021
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When you take technology and mix it with art, you always come up with something innovative. Iol Stupid,could not watch it Couldn't agree more! The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.