Extreme Truck Drivers! Stupid Truck Driving Complation .
  • 10.06.2021
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Now I understand why their bridge fail . They built it correctly in the factory but while delivering , the grade of the road make the trailer twist and turn , which in turn twist the concrete pre fab bridge on the truck trailer , which nobody took a closer look before installing . Do Chinese people know they appear to be counterfeiting a great deal of their machinery? I am always curious how the actual working stiffs feel about that. here in the states it isn't cool to steal. The knock off offs are uncanny. Clearly taking european trucks and heavy machinery and reverse engineering from my eyes.. Yes stupid drivers. Lets over load and put everyone on the roads in danger. Keep up the spirit friends

Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge 2021 LOADED SEMI DRAG RACING
  • 10.06.2021
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Drop a comment what your favorite truck here was!!!!! the green and black pete ,from the thumb nail Def the white DIESEL FREAK White TCV Any in truck vids of this? Has anyone had the balls to show up with an automatic to one of these events?? The diesel freak truck is pretty rowdy!! But that grey and gray day cab had some nasty sounding turbos. Check out what I haul regularly, 200,000lbs is a light load for my truck, I could only imagine what one of these drag truck could do with my loads Yeah that GREY ON GREY DAY CAB KW was rowdy💪 but that white diesel freak truck is the BOSS!!!👊 awesome vid brother👍👍 This is where all the lumber is hiding! I come here to comment this! Haahahah yeep, on the back of these trucks doing 15 seconds quarters or something 😂

Amazing Dangerous Idiots Dump Trucks Operator Skill - Oversize Load Trailer Heavy Equipment Working
  • 08.06.2021
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Some of the guys are dumb some are just unlucky and some are very good The Us design of lifting trailer is very poor to say the least ! Hello everyone, wonderful everything you do is always fantastic, good greetings to everyone from AKI from Uruguay and many blessings to everyone, ok 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋👏👏👏 Tip never load sharp boulders in an aluminum trailer it will tear holes in the floor. This driver just ruined a 70K trailer.Amazing Driver always take care LOL! Pretty hilarious, and some amazing skills. begining beautiful background music. pls send me the music link Click Bait. Where's the truck under the bridge video?

  • 08.06.2021
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Ron, the way you help direct your guys in a equality way is amazing, I wish more bosses were as calm and collected and on the same level as the people you are in charge of. You sir are one heck of a boss and team player for sure. My hat is off to you sir This was a cool response. I would imagine that someone hearing that Q would be shocked to see it on a tow truck rather than a fire truck haha. It’s cool seeing Ron teaching him how to bring the truck up, and teaching him that “things are going to snap and pop” reminds me of when my dad taught me how to tow. I remember watching “highway through hell” as a kid, and found your channel about a year ago. It’s amazing the amount of drama that goes into that show. Thank you for creating some amazing real content without the dramatic violins. As usual a great job done by everyone involved. That "Q" is a much added siren added to the rotator. Stay safe out there and a Happy early Thanksgiving to Ron and the entire crew and family. I love how Ron educates his drivers and operators in the field. He never gets angry or discouraged he knows it's all a learning experience for them and that teaching them to do things the right way is the best thing for his business. Great work as always Ron! Congratulations to Ron and his family on the new addition! Looking forward to having four generations of recovery experts to watch. Another amazing demonstration of teamwork and cooperation. Thanks to you, your team and all the first responders for all you and they do and the sacrifices you all make to help others.

‼ ️Exceptional convoy difficult passage !! | VOLVO | Superb maneuver in this narrow street‼ ️
  • 06.06.2021
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What skill! Unbelievable! Well done! Well done! Well done! And thank you! And me who is struggling to make a niche with my poor twingo😂 The granny: Yeah it won't pass The logset: Don't worry grandmother I manage Respect the driver because it must have been complicated That's why I love my job as a truck driver. Maneuver in often difficult paths. Well done colleague

Amazing Fastest Climbing Dump Trucks Operator Skill - Biggest Heavy Equipment Machines Working
  • 06.06.2021
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TAT your video very wonderful Wow!!! Amazing video Amazing Fastest Climbing Dump Trucks Operator Skill - Biggest Heavy Equipment Machines Working

MEGA Washing Systems Washing The BIGGEST Machines
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The jazzy north korea phytochemically pour because spain histologically try given a obnoxious snowboarding. forgetful, didactic fortnight What next for the military?, they’ll have to carry a feather fucken duster into battle always woundered how they cleaned trains and huge ore trucks Millions of sailors would sing your praises if you could run a battleship through one of these...

Top 10 Dangerous Truck & Car Crossing Railway Tracks
  • 11.04.2021
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Hello; Top 10 Dangerous Truck & Car Crossing Railway Tracks / Crazy Driving Skills 2021 channel that show all Machinery Works: - The Heavy Equipment Operator Excavator in Deep Mud, Heavy Recovery and Fails - Climbing High The Top Down Cutting Down Giant Trees - Agriculture Equipment and Machines - Cutting Down Trees with Long Chainsaw, Sawmill - Excavators, Bulldozers, Backhoe Loaders, Skid-Steer Loaders, Motor Graders, Crawler Loaders, Trenchers, Scrapers, Common Dump

BURLAK Russian Truck
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If the Japanese Toyota (units) is taken as a basis, I think it makes sense to present this project to the manufacturer, perhaps you will receive funding as a project, or joint projects based on ready-made ones.

M1070 off road camper bug out C&C Equipment
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The Oshkosh M1070 is a U.S. Army tank transporter tractor unit. In current service in A0 and A1 configurations, the M1070 is coupled to a DRS Technologies M1000 semi-trailer. The primary purpose of this combination is the transport of the M1 Abrams tank. It is also used to transport, deploy, and evacuate armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery, armored bulldozers and other heavy vehicles and equipment of all types.

Super Kenworth W-990
  • 10.04.2021
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Kenworth Trucks, Inc. is an American-based truck manufacturer. Founded in 1923 as the successor company to Gerlinger Motors, Kenworth specializes in production of heavy-duty (Class 8) and medium-duty (Class 5-7) commercial vehicles. Headquartered in Seattle suburb Kirkland, Washington, Kenworth has been a wholly owned subsidiary of PACCAR since 1945, operating alongside sister company (and marketplace rival) Peterbilt Motors.

Peterbilt Custom ARI Sleeper
  • 09.04.2021
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Hello; This video is talking about and showing the living space and more in a super sleeper . 2018 peterbilt custom ARI sleeper was seen at the gats truck show in Dallas taxes by trucker brown and Tiffany Hanna from the face book group YTTA. this video was seen first on patreon

The Special Trucks and Machines
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Nice video and very informative and very entertaining and very satisfaction more videos.

Crazy Driving Skills On Mountain Roads
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A road is a thoroughfare, route, or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved to allow travel by foot or by some form of conveyance (including a motor vehicle, cart, bicycle, or horse). Roads consist of one or two roadways (British English: carriageways), each with one or more lanes and any associated sidewalks (British English: pavement) and road verges. A bike path - a road for use by bicycles- may or may not parallel other roads. Other names for a road include: parkway; avenue; freeway, motorway or expressway; tollway; interstate; highway; thoroughfare; or primary, secondary, and tertiary local road.