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Tractor falls into water drainage ditch. Tractor with iron tires and even Philippine; cbt after 10 years stopped, called and still left cutting earth turned on 12. the white powder is poison for the earth and then things come with poison to eat ok

The story of the Brussels sprout | The sprout roller coaster! | Gebr. Herbert Zeewolde
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I've never seen the way they grow before. I actually thought they grew like little cabbages and it was just the centre part that was harvested. An amazing factory and an excellent video. I loved how the original sounds from the production line were kept instead of putting in some silly music. Thanks for posting that. We like to stir-fry them with ginger, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and salt. I'd never seen this process before.

Laura’s NEW Favorite Tractor at Sunnyside Farms: John Deere 9470RX
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I'm blown away with how clean this place is. This family goes beyond to get this product out for us. I've never seen anything like this. Just very impressed Such a cool tour! I wish the general public would understand and appreciate just how much of a technological marvel a modern dairy farm is; it's nothing short of miraculous. Love how you're eyes light up when you are learning new things. Great to see they are using the methane to power the farm plus 7k homes!

Best TRUCK CRASH TESTS for Safer Roads // New Truck Technologies // Off-road Tests
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The moment when world concerns show imitation of Russian roads ... They are having fun as they can. Thank you!!! That at least you are spending billions on our security !!!! All the best to you !!! Be happy!!! Only in Russia could such an "uncompromising defense" be invented. Straight into the cockpit, so surely without a chance.

10 Dangerous Idiots Excavator, Truck, Ship & Crane Fails Compilation !!!
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The one in video they were loading on a barge or something. Yes I get the fact that some people's first instinct is to jump out. I honestly wouldn't have jumped out he was safer in the machine Is there no emergency drop option for these cranes? Why cant they see that they fucked up and fix it? What's going on in the thumbnail......Komatsu boom, SDLG machine and a crying asian lady on the machine.

BEST Dangerous Cranes & Truck Fails 2021 ! Heavy Equipment Gone Wrong
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One has to wonder if the operators had had the soothing music in the video, if they might have "thought" a bit clearer and avoided some of this!! Fred Flintstone never had those types of crane disasters at the quarry! 🤣 It said, "Don't stand under the arrow." Safety regulations are written in the blood of just such idiots. Not an ounce of pity, themselves vicious Buratins.

AGRO Perrengue #16
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A friend bought a 9650 went to harvest sorghum already started catches fire twice from the fear of these harvesters. too much I imagine it throws a lot away just do not see the ground that the straw chopper grinds everything if you take the straw chopper must play like vincon.

In Fendt | Follow Perrine to the straw transport
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Hi super nice video, I totally agree, with Perrine for people, who are not screwed to put their turn signals. Great video, very nice editing, ... an interview of the people filmed with some information would be a plus. Good continuation a little hello from canada very nice video thank you to you and you are very pretty

I have 60 days to make this Farmall not exist anymore.
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Pulling the bed through the window was the greatest piece of footage I have ever seen. That was glorious. The bush hog wrecking ball was fantastic also 😂😂😂 I don’t get why people have to give you a bunch of hate, your content is literally awesome and I watch it literally all the time, don’t Let anyone bring you down because of your hopes and dreams and just don’t listen to the haters I love how only 2 years ago he was only at 200k now he’s at damn near 3mil and he’s got half the world hatin on him😂😂😂 PLS KEEP DOING IT THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PEOPLE WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR. Seeing a bed pulled through a window was so much better than I had ever imagined. And you better believe I’ve imagined it so many times!

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LEAVE YOUR LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND ACTIVATE THE NOTIFICATIONS! ONLY TO RECEIVE A SAVE The combine and the Toyota collided in my area a few years ago, due to a lot of suspended dust there was no visibility at all.

M&L Farms Quitman, GA
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Gotta Protect That Outhouse!!! / More Big Pine / Draft Horse Logging
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There is a lot to be said about the amount of trust your horses have that you will not put them in a bad situation and get them hurt. I have always believed that a large portion of training has to do with making friends with your animals an building the trust between you and them. Another great video and thanks for sharing with us. I'm always amazed in watching your horses anticipating the pull. It's like a starter gun going off when you give them the go-ahead.