Fordson County - failed ditch drive
  • 25.07.2021
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A lot of people ended up dead trying this without roll-over protection. What a great ole tractor love the video thanks for sharing 🚜 God bless y'all Don't know who is worse. The driver or the man who's videoing it.

This Is Interesting ! Tractors In An Extreme Situation-John Deere Accident
  • 25.07.2021
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Stop talking in the back ground. It is so annoying

BIG HARVEST SITE! New Lexion 8800 TT & MF 7726 black
  • 25.07.2021
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XXL BARLEY HARVEST 202. Hello everyone, Today we find ourselves on an impressive site during the harvests of squalls

2 unusual KAMAZ trucks that will definitely surprise you
  • 25.07.2021
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It was very interesting to learn about such a monster! But I also like a video about a Zaporozhets homemade product for a pickup truck, and a rear body with wooden sides As always, many thanks to the author. I didn't really know what kind of KAMAZ modification. Good luck to both the author and the channel. Very interesting

Making Stump Grinder
  • 25.07.2021
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That thing belongs on robot wars. Incredible job! ou should have drilled a couple of holes in that square tube so you could weld onto the large shaft insert too.. makes it a lot stronger (not that it really needs it).. And if you make the blade very heavy--- like maybe 4 plates thick, it won't be as hard on your engine if you hit something too hard. The heavier the blade, the better. Great build.This guy is like the minecraft of tools. He starts with a hammer, the next thing you know he has a fully functional CNC machine he built himself.

Balot Transport! - Uninteresting Trip to the Road
  • 25.07.2021
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A little more and Marek likes it so much, loading bales and manure instead of a hall, he will put a barn haha It's great that you show everything to Bartek, he'll learn and start helping you more. In the end, you will farm 2 hectares and Marek will be confident about the future of the farm✌✌

A PRE-SERIES PLOW in action in the black sands!
  • 25.07.2021
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That's all well and good, but show me how you handle the headlands... Excellent video, very nice filming & stunning combination!! Big plow for that tractor. Really nice looking soil. πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ—ΌπŸ‘

Train Plowing Dirt and Grading Work - Rare Track work equipment along the Withrow Sub-
  • 25.07.2021
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Interesting to see it plowing something other than snow. Love those flared radiators on the ECO also! Jordan Spreaders actually started out intended for this kind of work, profiling the ballast, and digging ditches. Railroads quickly found though, they worked great for plowing snow. So they serve double duty. You have to love the sound of a Detroit Diesel screaming at full RPM providing the hydraulic power for the Jordan Spreader.

The Tractor Graveyard
  • 25.07.2021
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I was thinking that new holland slid out of control downhill and caught a tree like Farming Fixing & Fabricating's 8320 The guy in that new holland will have had a shock to the spine when it landed for sure. Could have been caused by a casting defect or just abuse. I’ve worked on a township mowing tractor one time and the guy caught a telephone pole with the boom and it broke the transmission in half but luckily since the tractor was a mower it a big frame run along the side to keep it together

Accident!!! Tractor John Deere In The Hands Of An Idiot !! Off-road 2021 !! Watch everyone!!!
  • 25.07.2021
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Il ne c'est pas tirer tout droit il ne c'est pas conduire