Trying to Miss the Fence
  • 13.06.2021
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Man cole your dads little story about his dads number calling him brought tears to my eyes. I guess I’m not the only one who believes in that “ these days”🤟🏼 Brian, great story and I believe that there are no coincidences. For whatever reason, it got your attention. And you told it without getting emotional... which I would have done. You know, this has become one of the very best farming channels out there. Now that you, Cole and Jeff have become more at ease, it's great. Well narrated, filmed, and edited. It does my heart good to see you farming with your Dad. I imagine it makes Brian feel pretty great to be sitting there waiting for seed and you are completing a much-needed task by rolling the field and then heading back to take care of the lots. Keep up the good work both of you! Thanks for taking us along! J.R. ("and that's all I have to say about that"} LOL!!! It is great Brian has gotten used to talking on camera. Always a pleasure to listen to him and his tales of times gone by! Brian, your story made me smile, its my dad’s birthday and I have been thinking about him all day. Thank you. I think Brian is going to have trouble topping that story. This episode was so full of things to comment on! Brian’s story about his dad saying hello! Awesome! Roller really does push rocks down. The drone flying music choices are the best! Really enjoyed this video! I just love the story Brian told about his dad!! I truly believe in that kind of stuff. Now I’m just waiting to hear from my mom and dad🤗🤗

Harvest 2018 with Ilona | Claas, New Holland | Girls on tractors | Poland
  • 13.06.2021
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Great, I turn on my brother 10 times and neither I nor he got bored ...: D We also have a harvest now because from the village: D FILM GORGEOUS THAT IT'S LOVELY LOOKING BY ILONA GORGEOUS EQUIPMENT ALSO GREAT Great mother of God what a lovely young lady great scenery. Hi from santa fe New Mexico USA What is the price of the machine

Power Washing Planter and 3-Point Trouble
  • 13.06.2021
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I honestly don't know how I found this channel but I've been watching for hours now dang Laura Farms lol I love your personality I am I very small farmer so it's awesome to see how the larger farms operate Just looked at another farmer's video, where he had spread hydrated lime around the chopper to keep the mice out of the machine during winter storage. Might somewhat work. You know, growing up and spending summers on the family farm, I don't recall seeing any of the family working the equipment with legs like yours, Laura. 🤔🤗😁😂🤣. Usually Grandpa wore coveralls except for going to town and my Uncle always wore work jeans and blue long-sleeve denim shirts no matter the temperature. Both wore straw farmer hats. Frankly, I'm glad they wore "long pants" as I don't think I could have handled their bare legs. 🤣 Even during my high school years when I worked on farms, neither I nor farmers I worked for ventured away from jeans, long shirts. Whenever I power wash anything I always wear as little as possible. It is easier to take a shower than deal with dirty laundry.

Kicking Off The 2021 Great American Wheat Harvest
  • 13.06.2021
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Bring on the wheat harvest, may all the custom cutters have a safe and blessed season Great video Mike . The video brings back memories of when I was part of a custom crew . We had a nice field in Oklahoma but it had to be divided into 5 different pieces because of the farmer had to keep how much wheat each owner received.. Thanks for all your work . I've been waiting for your harvesting videos .. Great video Mike! The wheat looks like its getting close to being ready here in Kansas but I haven't seen anyone cutting as of yet. Mike, that was a great video, thanks for sharing. We used to live in Burkburnett when I was assigned at Sheppard AFB. I loved harvest time watching all the equipment get ready for the season. When I retire in a few years, my goal is to work for one of these guys for a season, I think it would be an awesome adventure to see the country and operate big equipment. What does a custom crew charge to cut. I live in western ky and everyone cuts their own crop for the most part. I live in the same county as BigTractorPower. I enjoy your videos. Thanks for posting. Killer video Mike,and you mentioned adventure,if I had known about this when I was in my 20s I'd been gone in a heartbeat.!!!

Using our JLG Lift as a telehandler!
  • 13.06.2021
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I was waiting for a “watch this and hold my beer”. This has gotta be the most jerry rigged video ever! I personally loved the old intro Carson, why are you never welding? Obviously you have watched all my videos Jeff😉

Caterpillar 621E Scrapers Working
  • 13.06.2021
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Caterpillar 621E Scrapers Working From a contractor’s point of view, if you are going to own scrapers you must keep them busy. They are a huge investment. Lionel Whitnell is a great guy lots of respect for him he is a real good guy 👍👍 Good Afternoon , Thank you for the video . It`s good to see dozers and scrapers working together!! Take care ;). From the thumbnail image I thought he was going to do a Van Damme split on those two Scrapers What size scraper had an engine mounted on the rear ? I remember those also . Thanks for your great videos Looks like a great site to do some recording. Hope they use their cool machines to build also a nice DirtPark for the kids 🚲 Still the most efficient way to move muck 👍🏻

Extreme Dangerous Building Demolition Excavator, Fastest Heavy Equipment Machines Working
  • 13.06.2021
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The chimney: What was the point of setting the wooden supports alight and then impatiently knocking them out anyway. They should watch Fred Dibnah from the 1960s do it correctly. What is the language in the last demolition? Enough with the bell ringing already

Tractor Driver Combine Harvester Machines Cultivator VOLVO John Deere
  • 10.06.2021
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What kind of fool would work around with these clothes except a dancer. Good looking and good work

He Drove This 100 Year Old Tractor When It Was New! Odd Moline Universal Tractor
  • 10.06.2021
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What an awesome story! So great to see him on another one like he remembered as a young man. Very, very cool video!!! There is no replacing that experience. Was nice to hear from him about the history he had with the tractor. Wonderful to hear his story. I am younger (65), so my story version revolves around a John Deere M. My brother has the M. He used it after Grandpa farmed to clean the gutters in his milking barn. I am very fond of the M which now only does my brother's garden work. The M will descend down his line. I would eventually own Farmalls. James thanks for a great story of you and the Moline. We did things on the farm that today would be considered child endangerment. My first tractor drive was a iirc a AC D14 tricycle front. It had a two speed hand clutch high neutral low. Must have been around 8 and foot could not reach the other tractors with a foot clutch. He was “king dude”! Love it. Understand mom’s concern looking at the disc setup. Well, I guess I know who I want to be like when I grow up. Thats one of the best videos I have seen in a very long time. I love this guy! "I didn't endanger myself" says the kid who just spent the whole day riding atop of sharp discs pulled by a tractor that throws rods out the engine

Farmer Girl in Not - JohnDeere 6155R startet nicht - was tun? Starthilfe mit VW Golf funktioniert?
  • 10.06.2021
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Great solution! I don't even dare to start another car 😅.Good to see you make another video Angela , VW golf are great cars . Have a good year & stay safe Excellent I love your videos keep it upHi Angela kisses for you, Congratulations I loved the video of you charging the battery of the Tractor Que Maquina and disengaging the countersink kisses for you amorr and us Gaes Brasil Hello Angela. A fantastic video. A challenging job. You finally made it 👍. It's been a long time. I hope you are doing well. I've been waiting for your upload. Cheers 👍

10 Police And Military Inventions That Stops Any Speeding Vehicle
  • 10.06.2021
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"To take criminals where they belong." “Stops any speeding vehicle.” Yeah and the pulse of whoever was in it. Helps put the bad guys where they belong" In....a coffin?if there's anything left..."Spikes are useless we need something more useful" Cops: Lets brutally murder those criminals then

Extreme Truck Drivers! Stupid Truck Driving Complation .
  • 10.06.2021
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Now I understand why their bridge fail . They built it correctly in the factory but while delivering , the grade of the road make the trailer twist and turn , which in turn twist the concrete pre fab bridge on the truck trailer , which nobody took a closer look before installing . Do Chinese people know they appear to be counterfeiting a great deal of their machinery? I am always curious how the actual working stiffs feel about that. here in the states it isn't cool to steal. The knock off offs are uncanny. Clearly taking european trucks and heavy machinery and reverse engineering from my eyes.. Yes stupid drivers. Lets over load and put everyone on the roads in danger. Keep up the spirit friends

Amazing Forest Machines - Modern Construction Machines Operate At High Level
  • 10.06.2021
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Amazing Forest Machines - Modern Construction Machines Operate At High Level

Harvesting chickpea
  • 10.06.2021
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Chickpea harvest in Santiago del Estero after a storm in October 2018