We made a big investment for the stop
  • 31.10.2021
  • 1058

The board turned out gread. The finish on then was amazing. For real thought I love hove she’s happy with the work

Southern Yellow Pine Boards with The Sawmill Queen
  • 27.10.2021
  • 1469

Trey and Zoey, you have a great thing going there, so glad i stumbled on your page, love the resin work!!!! A little advice from a guy that's running Mill for a long time you shim up the small end. you want to center the pith of the log so that it's parallel to the log deck that way you get ring centered saw boards they dry straighter and you get more wood out of the log. yep, that first cut made my stomach hurt , you are right, they dry straighter and won't splinter less what you mean, that was bad ha ha ha , great gosh that was sad to see, yes some sort of taper compensation is needed. On logs with taper if you jack up or spacer the small end you'll get more wood out of it. You roughly want the centers of each end of the log at the same height. Beautiful yellow pine. This will be a beautiful shop and you will be saving thousands of dollars by milling your own lumber. Great job and am looking forward to your build. Great job on the milling. Have an awesome day.

Two Beautiful Blondes Cutting Dimensional Lumber On The Sawmill
  • 27.10.2021
  • 1018

The cameraman is doing a great job considering that he is using only one hand. You are right, he is making sure that Big machine never gets cut out of the frame. Where is the other hand🤔? LoL I see what you did there. I hope that log never gets finished. Good work on the boys finding a way to make this sawmill pay for itself. Smart man! I love how they're wearing the proper PPE gear. They definitely know what they're doing alright. Bending over front and back. Nice job camera man!

caterpillar loader vs volvo loader and excavator heavy equipment
  • 27.10.2021
  • 222

caterpillar loader vs volvo loader and excavator heavy equipment heavy equipment accidents. Caterpillar excavators work hard. It is powerful equipment in this video. Highlight the bulldozers and heavy equipment fails the excavator Caterpillar .

A MORNING at the SWEET CORN harvest - THE FILM - 2021
  • 11.10.2021
  • 327

im a fan of farming videos,but the cinematography on these videos is on another level.fantastic shots and editing.brilliant work :) beautiful sets, images, shots ... a very beautiful video congratulations !!! Once again an excellent video. It's something that you would never see in Ireland, as far as I know. Thank you. Beautiful organization, beautiful sets, there are years of practice. The images are magnificent. Fortunately the weather conditions were good.

10 Impressive Heavy Duty Machines You Need To See | Powerful Machines That Are At Another Level
  • 11.10.2021
  • 228

U are a master of design , u have equipment in use that's in beleaveable. Amazing industrial equipment that do things one could amagine , 10 points from me . Perfectly skilled, We have seen the space thing and log truck un loader.. and the rest on here before.. I know it’s hard to keep up with it all.. I do give u that.! But I think I’d start keeping notes.. but yes u do make good videos! Can’t knock that at all. And some of the new stuff u show is completely awesome I’ve seen about all the equipment that’s been produced.. but not everyone has! But it’s all n the lifestyle your in or grew up in.. no I’m not knocking anyone before someone says I’m hating! Keep up the good videos! Watching the silage wrapper. Look at all that plastic. Sad. Look at all that plastic

20 Most Impressive & Powerful Machines You Need To See | Powerful Machines That Are At Another Level
  • 07.10.2021
  • 274

I’m on the machine side of YouTube again. Thanks algorithm In case you forgot how YouTube works, there are about 8 reminders to like and subscribe to these videos, it's awful! Some of these new machines can put people out of work and that is not a good thing Lord Gizmo, can you do a video on Fire Apparatus?

The New Land Rover DEFENDER – Unstoppable
  • 05.10.2021
  • 183

I've never seen a company that is brave enoughe to show their car getting damages becouse ofcours it will get damaged it did a sick flip! Jeep: let’s drive it over rocks and mountains and stuff! Ford/Chevy: let’s fill it with rocks and show it going up hill! Land Rover: ok so we’re ganna jump it a bunch, slam it into some trees, jump it more, and then at the end we’re ganna completely roll it and then keep driving! 😂 Marketing execs from other auto companies: "Never let our product look like $hit" Marketing execs from Land Rover: "At the end, have the Defender flip over and drive off. Who cares if it's all banged up and crashed." Whoa! =)

Relaxing Evening Splitting Firewood with Zoe
  • 04.10.2021
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the sound of wood (cutting, splintering, chopping, hitting together) is the most satisfying ever Its always great to see you, whatever project you are working on, you give it 100%. Great job, keep the videos coming of all the things you guys do there. This is the best firewood video I have ever seen. Zoe, you're kicking ass on the splitter. I remember watching an earlier video where the splits weren't awesome. You can tell you've been doing some splitting!

This Is How Oversized Loads Are Transported | Mega Transports You Need To See
  • 02.10.2021
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Very impressive Lord G. Thanks for finding these videos and putting them together in a logical and very watchable manner. No, not a lot of watchers, but I have no doubt we all enjoyed it. The size and weight measurements on the SIBUR Preheater must be wrong if it's what is showed in video. Then you can have a standard truck to move it! ;D Nice compilation! And also have the Swedish Boliden Aitik Copper mine at the end with the Finnish Slepner transporter. That I call a big rock drill! Amazing Video. The size of the Trucks and the Number of Axles and Wheels on these vehicles are truly a believe or not part of our Industry. They would be restricted on what Highways they could travel. I do not know what Country this video was produced it but I doubt this type transport of Giant Loads is possible on the Busy and Congested Highways of the United States. We have a bad enough time just getting Trucks and Cars to move all the time. One would have to shut some roads for a short time to move large loads like this.

LEGO Experimental Police Cars, Fire Truck, Trains, Concrete Mixer Construction Toy Vehicles & Trucks
  • 30.09.2021
  • 246

LEGO Experimental Police Cars, Fire Truck, Trains, Concrete Mixer Construction Toy Vehicles & Trucks.

Power of The Dangerous IDIOTS Operating Heavy Equipment Working - Transport Excavator Truck Fails
  • 25.09.2021
  • 434

One stop solution of Construction Machinery, tailored to your need. Contact Us for Pricing. First-class brand of bulldozers, road machinery, loaders, excavators & concrete machinery. Types: Bulldozer, Wheel loader, Road roller, Paver, Mining truck, Forklift. Productive, reliable Excavation Equipment with low price. View and compare the latest specifications for excavator equipment. Contact. Work With Us. Request a Quote. Without any notion of the danger, it is because of the risk these people who operate or drive this machine .....