10 Dangerous Idiots Excavator, Truck, Ship & Crane Fails Compilation !!!
  • 15.09.2021
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The one in video they were loading on a barge or something. Yes I get the fact that some people's first instinct is to jump out. I honestly wouldn't have jumped out he was safer in the machine Is there no emergency drop option for these cranes? Why cant they see that they fucked up and fix it? What's going on in the thumbnail......Komatsu boom, SDLG machine and a crying asian lady on the machine.

BEST Dangerous Cranes & Truck Fails 2021 ! Heavy Equipment Gone Wrong
  • 15.09.2021
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One has to wonder if the operators had had the soothing music in the video, if they might have "thought" a bit clearer and avoided some of this!! Fred Flintstone never had those types of crane disasters at the quarry! 🤣 It said, "Don't stand under the arrow." Safety regulations are written in the blood of just such idiots. Not an ounce of pity, themselves vicious Buratins.

AGRO Perrengue #16
  • 15.09.2021
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A friend bought a 9650 went to harvest sorghum already started catches fire twice from the fear of these harvesters. too much I imagine it throws a lot away just do not see the ground that the straw chopper grinds everything if you take the straw chopper must play like vincon.

Biggest & MOST Powerful Machines You Need To See
  • 11.09.2021
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I like to see the e dumper back up to a Tesla super charger some day. The HMM Algeciras is probably not capable of transporting 2400 containers but more likely capable of carrying 24.000 containers. Just a little mistake ;D

Transporting The Volvo EC650 Excavator And The Caterpillar 235 - Fasoulas Heavy Transports
  • 11.09.2021
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Congratulations to the employees of Fasoulas Heavy Transports on a job well done! A MMC too! Those drivers really know their stuff. This is a great team effort. Outstanding work fellas! Thanks from Australia. Great job by all means he crew members and operational staff. And it's great to see how powerful MAN 8×4 prime movers are ... That's what German iconic brands are

The Most Incredible Special Trucks And Custom Builds You Have To See
  • 07.09.2021
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Welcome back to another video from lord gizmo. Today we will show you some incredible special trucks and custom builds you have to see. So stick to this video till the end, make sure to subscribe, like, and share, and don't forget to turn on the notification icon.

Few People have seen these Road Construction Machines
  • 05.09.2021
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These construction vehicles are Amazing Thank you José 🇵🇷 Well, for contrast, they would show how our figures lie on the snow asphalt We make markings, run along the road with buckets of paint and lacing. And the tiles and borders of the auls of Gaster are being laid. Comicadza caps are displayed and assembled. And the holes under the hatches cannot be repaired at all, if they are repaired for a year, they no longer want to. In general, the repair of the road here in Russia costs space money, and the exit is shit with sticks.

Excavator challenge
  • 02.09.2021
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You know what that thing broke for no good reason, eggs shouldn’t really break that easily - lets fix that After watching this video when I was editing it, I feel like I got some extra delicate eggs here Sweet! That was my struggle just seeing how close the thumb was to the egg the whole time. Cody said thanks for breakfast. Glad you were able to participate it's been fun! Next time you want to try this get FRESH farmer eggs they will flex with out breaking ... get eggs that have not been processed and the film washed off it keeps them pliable

Harry & Matt Lumberjack from the old school 1270 MS 462
  • 29.08.2021
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Hello Harry, as always, great work top👍 and perfect video 👍Nice job, great shots! Thanks for that. Greetings from Chiemsee, Sepp If one tree is not yet on the ground, the sword on the next trunk and 2 more with it

15 Modern Machines That Are at Another Level
  • 29.08.2021
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Congratulations for so nice & Beautiful video. Thank you so much for uploading so fantastic beautiful videos. and yet i been to 3 different places that tear up mountains and load semi to extract it they only used backhoes not big cat machines like that it was made by cat but didnt work with giant scoops like that Thank you 🙏 for trying educational video.question # 1 why Covid-19 is your green sick 🤕 logo with numbers ? #2 how are you doing today ? Till then keep listening 👂 learn not the green Covid-19 just sanitize . The amazing begonia intialy increase because beggar parenthetically tie amidst a trashy order. abusive, ragged helicopter

Dragging a broken Bobcat with a dozer
  • 29.08.2021
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The Bobcat looked like a reluctant kid having to leave summer camp who complained going there in the first place and it's the way of most machinery to get cranking once the hours/years add up. Nice to see Cody checking the road ahead and he also had long day too checking out things although there's always time for a bit of tug of war as well..🐾🐾 Why don't you sell the Bobcat? You said yourself it breaks all the time, which we see again and again in the videos, and your new machines can easily replace it. We don't give enough credit to Andrews Parents for bring up a decent young man with top notch work ethic! Thank You Mr & Mrs Camarata

Crazy Trucks and Ingenious Machines You Need To See
  • 29.08.2021
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I did NOT need to see this stoopid machines and the stoopid narrator is awful I much prefer Chills as a narrator 3:18 not practical at all. How do you weigh the feed? There is no waste with any system….