FARMERS ATTENTION! Fendt door closers - finally just close the tractor door
  • 14.02.2021
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Finally, close the door slightly without squeezing your back. We all know: open and closed doors, open and closed ... And the door should always be tilted carefully, pulling and closing the door (if it can be closed easily) With our retrofit kit, you can close the tractor door quickly, easily and without tension. Installed in minutes, this "little" innovation is sure to give you lots of fun!

Rescue of the VZGM-90 swamp tractor. The glamorous fuchsia tractor is in trouble.
  • 14.02.2021
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As always, the Urals are saviors. A pink tractor suits my stones For all tractor drivers and excavators, connect a thick cable to your equipment right away so you don't have to dig it up later;) Where is Rome Where is Pushkin? You can't see him without Romkina's smile and anger ... and the team ??? Seryojka came, we roared in the mud. Barakalla.) Where are Chuck Norris and Pierre Reshar? The Volgograd tractor no longer exists! There are only ruins. It is not clear where this miracle is gathered Don't show this Combat Crew video, otherwise you'll paint your tractor pink after loading UZ: DD 75 quickly fell into the sand, and most importantly, returned to Mars in time - Mars won't give up in trouble! Not enough in the novel Today was a tense day, your video is finally a balm for the soul! Thank you guys! It became very impressive with the use of the landscape! The sequence of photos and videos is good! Barakalla

Large Laser Leveling with Fendt Tractor
  • 14.02.2021
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The process of leveling with a laser system with the help of a laser controlled leveling machine, which allows us to do it in a shorter time with less cost, especially without errors. Automatic laser system; It integrates into the robust and rigid vehicle structure. If desired, our field efforts can be counterbalanced by a single or double tilt. No detailed excavation and land fill maps are required, only the alignment process can be started directly by measuring the machine code with a laser system from specific points. This saves a lot of time and other costs and does not require operator training in land management. In addition to operating machines, operator skills are also important for successful machine operation. For this reason, as a company, we provide training from the very beginning before the operator is fully deployed. After that, technical support will continue until the machine is used. The working width of the models is from 2.5 to 6 meters. Thanks to the hydraulic control, the machine can easily bring the road and working conditions out. In the field, I fixed it on this machine; You use less water and more efficiently, your water consumption is reduced by about 35-40%. The less weeds you have, the more effective your fight will be. You can control the problem of soil salinity. The ripeness of your harvest is the same everywhere. Your workplace will grow by about 30%. The use of chemicals is reduced. You use less fuel. You need to work less. You get environmental benefits. They are involved in more practical, smoother and more enjoyable farming.

🇩🇪 Big Farming in East Germany 2020 - BEST OF 2020 ▶ Agriculture Germanyy
  • 14.02.2021
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This is the best part of 2020. In this video you will see most of the reasons I had before lentils this year. Why so many drone registrations? Because I did not make videos of all the companies, but I took photos of the plane with the plane. Of course I wanted to capture the moment on video! Enrollment time: 2020 Cut-off time: 32 hours Thank you for this wonderful 2020! Have fun with your ears :) Remember thumb and comment if you like it :)

Worthless to Workhorse- David Brown Tractor gets Long Overdue Service/ Repairs then back to work..
  • 14.02.2021
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I only watched someone at work for 33 minutes and 37 seconds when I had to be in the hangar to do my own thing. Stop shipping in March. It was ridiculous to see. An old girl can serve another half a century with proper filters and fluid changes and proper care. I wanted to say hello to the factory values ​​here - if I see "disk movement" or one that prompts you to use partitions or other tools (such as cutting down trees) I need to timely shut down the camera and try to make changes to the shots to get the job done. In particular, speeding up the movie will save you time. I'm just saying that it is easy for viewers to forget that we have to plan a lot to get interesting informative videos where we look over your shoulder. Good work! It seems like someone might say you don't have to put things in the dishwasher anymore.

The Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor works with the ZhVZ-7 POLESIE trailed header. Sudanese grass for haylage.
  • 14.02.2021
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Massey Ferguson 6713 Mower Sudan Meadow with a tractor ZhVZ-7 Polesie (PALESSE ST70) with a back name Severnaya Niva Bashkiria LLC Farm of Food! This facility covers an area of ​​approximately 40 hectares. This requires about 95 liters of diesel fuel. The tractor is equipped with a Trimble hydraulic trust, but the operator only uses it when it encounters the next paddock. He's more used to driving the tractor himself :) The rear hood is made by ZhVZ-7 (PALESSE ST70) GOMSELMASH. The working width is 7 meters. Productivity can reach 5.5 hectares per hour. The minimum cutting height is 70 mm. The traction is designed for class 1.4 tractors. Tractors MTZ-80, MTZ-82, YuMZ-6 and their analogues. At the same time, several lawn mowers work in the fields at the same time. Another Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor with a Kverneland Taarup 4332 LR tail rotator - there is already a separate video about it! Many thanks to the head of the farm Lukerin Nikolai Petrovich for the invitation and for getting to know the work on the farm!

Maize Chopping Baling and Wrapping in one pass | New Holland FX60 & Agronic multibaler NI'J Holthoes
  • 12.02.2021
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Maize Chopping Baling and Wrapping in one pass | New Holland FX60 & Agronic multibaler NI'J Holthoes

  • 12.02.2021
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With such talent and golden hands you will move forward! Best wishes from the city of Nesvizh, Belarus. Thank you very much for the video. But, father, nothing can become such a tool? May God grant such talent to be healthy and incorporate many new techniques and ideas in life! Well done man Hello allah, we are fellow "But Dad" is what makes MTZ fantastic and spectacular. One I saw on YouTube how Belarusians were angry that MTZ did not have spare parts, but were not "dad", but people did MTZ and because of that people respected them.

Development of fallow land - the Kirovets K-744R1 tractor plows with the new Russian FINIST PLNU-8-40 plow!
  • 12.02.2021
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The long barren and grown field now offers bread again! The 2012 Kirovts K44RR1 tractor and plow with diamonds FINIST PLNU-8-40 will be installed on a farm in the Tashkent Republic district, which can easily withstand the “distribution” of abandoned land. Republic of Bashkortostan! According to the machine operator, 20-25 hectares of land can be developed in shifts, which costs 400 liters of diesel. A solid plow can do a lot of damage! Unlike the conventional plow PLN-8-35, this plow has a reinforced frame and the width of each body is increased to 40 cm. Therefore, the total area of ​​the plow is 3.2 meters. The maximum depth of the process is 30 cm. A reinforced plow frame allows you to withstand high loads and work on hard soils, for example in fallen ground and long-term unaltered ground. The minimum tractor power for this plow is 300 electric. Although the tractor poses hazards to marshmallow repairs and engine repairs every year, it works in the yard from early spring until the snow.

BELÍSSIMA colheita com a Maior Plataforma do Mundo 2021!
  • 12.02.2021
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You can watch for an infinitely long time when the fire is burning, the water is running, and when skilled people are unsurpassedly growing and gathering BREAD. Jonik is a good harvester to work well on it.

Upgrades To The 9RX
  • 12.02.2021
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For about 80 years....everyone hid a key on the batteries!! I love the fact that you do not mind spending for safety and convince to do a better job. "Level is level." Just a thought... How much pitch is there in your shop's floor? That technically means the tractor is not sitting absolutely level. An anti-theft “Full electrocution” accompanied by motion activated camera that live-streams & records the “event” for the world to see would dramatically reduce theft. It’s been proven by attempted Trump yard sign thieves, just sayin

Letter of day Is R for red sky lots of plans to drain a flood jd 3650 and some nice dry concrete
  • 12.02.2021
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What is this fire spreader? I've seen yours. Even if it is the ultimate rotation reference. Beautiful sky again. I want to be able to provide pictures of the morning sky 🤣 Later I'm not mad at me and said about the fan spinning, but buttons don't like JCB and Manitou. Got too much, lol in the middle of the dust, tossed a star How much weight will increase to a beautiful soccer video you will get? Not until mid-April, lawn grass seeds, until the soil temperature reaches about 12 degrees to germinate. It is like a sieve grain dryer, or something like dust separation from the sieve Hello a lot of compost can be seen as projector and particle size. It happened in the work of who we should be in ours

The Agricultural Worker's Mud Trouble
  • 11.02.2021
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The Agricultural Worker's Mud Trouble Combine harvester New Holland Cargo truck