This Is How Trailers Are Made Production Line Advanced Welding Process
  • 15.12.2021
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Excellent and I am passionate about refrigerated Love that trailer

Mechanical Problems and Idiots on the Road and Sea Compilation - Part 62
  • 13.12.2021
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…. Drove, swing the trailer on the go, specially, a genius among the drovers. And what happened to him next is the highest award for his talent ... 5:00 Lift the unit all the way, then turn to the left or right full lock. You will then have plenty of clearance Clarence 4:50 - that's an outboard engine... why not just swing it up?

Modern Cow Farming Transport Pretty Girl on Super Modern Military Truck
  • 15.10.2021
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farm #WithMe - Modern Cow Farming Transport, Pretty Girl on Super Modern Military Truck, Automatic Loading and Unloading of Agriculture Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Intelligent Technology Modern Farming Cowshed Washing, Milking, Cleaning, Cattle Tail Clipping 2020 First views and comment

Amazing Dangerous Idiots Dump Trucks Operator Skill - Oversize Load Heavy Equipment Machines Working
  • 15.10.2021
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at minute 0; 26 the gruero is responsible for keeping the towed vehicle on the right track and keeping control and the distance of both vehicles. Don’t think it’s fair to call them idiots because they made a mistake, your mistake might be that you label good people as idiots. I don’t understand the title « dangerous idiots » when we see amazing skills. Who is the idiot? Tat indeed!

First trip in 2021, part 4 First trip in 2021, p. 4 Iwona Blecharczyk
  • 11.10.2021
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That was interesting to watch the entire trip, all four parts. You do an impressive job, Iwona! Heavy transport looks pretty challenging. Nice work! 👍😊 For what it may matter in future, when using a torch to light a room, consider pointing it at the ceiling instead of directly pointing it towards a specific area - the light spreads out and evenly illuminates the whole room. So, more like flood lighting, than lighting which can leave anything not directly in the beam's path in darkness.

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Good night Michele and Junior, how nice a load for hometown, bjos God bless you always. junio a i and patrao kkkk , an abrasion michele and junio you are show the volvo in a qualified mission

Ron Pratt would be proud
  • 02.10.2021
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I can't believe how cool Andy is, 95% of the owners and bosses would be fired ballistically. Tim screamed, cursed and screamed on the least I worked for that day! I hope the family and workers know how lucky they are to have Andy. Damn Andy!!!!! It's amazing that you never lost your calm and serenity - we saw - you focused on the problem and worked to find a solution. I've said it many times and I'll say it again: "You're the man" One of my favorite things about you is Andy. When something happens, groan or moan, point your finger and scream. You just have to go in and do what needs to be done. You're a good man, Andy.

Best TRUCK CRASH TESTS for Safer Roads // New Truck Technologies // Off-road Tests
  • 15.09.2021
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The moment when world concerns show imitation of Russian roads ... They are having fun as they can. Thank you!!! That at least you are spending billions on our security !!!! All the best to you !!! Be happy!!! Only in Russia could such an "uncompromising defense" be invented. Straight into the cockpit, so surely without a chance.

  • 11.09.2021
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There's nothing to compare with logically over power, especially any mode of technology that provides comfort and efficiency on duty. Used to be a gearhead baddest truck in town now I realize it was a waste of money

Monstermax Drives in the Ocean (Police, Coast Guard, EPA, DNR Called)
  • 07.09.2021
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as an old guy , 68, who always loved a challenge. WAY TO GO GUYS !! That was worth a measly $70 fine.I was told 40 years ago I couldn’t ride and “park” my hours on my College Campus. So I got my horse “Registered” on Campus as a Vehicle and had a Campus Parking Sticker for it. Drove people crazy ,but they had OFFICIALLY given me a Sticker. oh whatever 😂. They were trying to find reasons to tell them no and their isn’t 🤷🏼‍♂️. How about people become more educated 😂 John Wood !! Where was that, please? That would be so cool to see a student commute to campus on a horse. she the type of lady to run outside and tell you to slow down when you are doing 20 in a 25.

Amazing Machines Operating at an INSANE LEVEL
  • 05.09.2021
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in the video look at them big tires im almost sure that's the tires they put on the bottom of the earth to keep us spinning. its about time this ol girl gets a new set thoughWhat do those massive tyres go into? this is where you buy the worlds most expensive vegetables... I HATE music videos !!! Time to unsub ???

How are the giant ships transported from the factory? Incredible giant transport.
  • 05.09.2021
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Shahid and little qori from Citeureup Bogor, subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allah Akbar,, may my children be great human beings like them, useful for fellow human beings, Amazing This factory should built near sea shore we can directly sent to client by water mode transfer Wouldn't it be a lot easier to build the ship closer to the water Thumbnail looks promising, video doesn't live up to the promise, missing the point. Audio must be off, otherwise annoyingly monotonous. This is a trailer for other compilations which are equally monotonous, often action out of frame due to aspect ratio cropping. PW can't do better? OK it's free here and I don't have to be here, and that's what I'll do.

Monstermax 1’s New Replacement
  • 05.09.2021
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I did tell Cody “However if you put monster truck tires on it it will break” but I’m still bummed it broke so fast. Just too much leverage for those axles. We jumped it, bogged it, etc. never let me down before. If you want me to help fix it you know I’m down 🇺🇸 "Build me something that won't break" is all he is asking for. With that being said, we are all waiting for the truck that won't break. The Toyota Hilux is the best so far! Why am I not surprised that the second this man gets another Duramax, he murders the tie rods like always? He knowingly put that in the description knowing Cody just can’t resist. Guaranteed sell. Smart man. Cleet: “it will do whatever you want and won’t break” I distinctly remember in a Cleetus video Garret being warned "It's a MUD truck, not a MONSTER truck." I guess now we find out how much that difference means....