Rail track automatic production line. Incredible railway & sleeper installation specialized machine
  • 14.06.2021
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Always had this sort of chicken and egg question, if the machines that make metal are made from metal, who made the first steel plant? Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

Incredible Komatsu D65P Stuck In Deep Mud Helping JCB JS 220 lc Excavator
  • 14.06.2021
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Carrying the machine without tying it down, did the driver stay in the cab?, it would not be a good place to be if the machine came off and toppled on to it's side, does not impress.

World Amazing Modern Street Sweeper Machines, Fastest Road Construction Clean Equipment
  • 14.06.2021
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None of these are American. We don't believe in machines; we believe in 10-man road crews: 2 people working and 8 people watching them. Normal city workers in here Finland, too My city here in Oregon just has one really old really big REALLY LOUD Street sweeper with steel brushes that throw bristles everywhere as it wears...We need like two of those small ones near the end of the video...And places like Portland Oregon and San Francisco California need like 30 of them running constantly throughout the day. The garbage, needles, and feces it picks up can all go directly to the incinerator for health reasons. you believe American Dreams can you record the street sweeper and post a link to your video in this thread?Over here in germany its the Same problem We have these machines in The Netherlands. Very satisfying to watch. The curb edger/sweeper was my favorite. I love a neatly edged curb. So fascinating how nature takes back everything instantly after humans leave These machines are incredible and would work flawlessly if they could remove parked cars whilst they clean.

Caterpillar 621E Scrapers Working
  • 13.06.2021
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Caterpillar 621E Scrapers Working From a contractor’s point of view, if you are going to own scrapers you must keep them busy. They are a huge investment. Lionel Whitnell is a great guy lots of respect for him he is a real good guy 👍👍 Good Afternoon , Thank you for the video . It`s good to see dozers and scrapers working together!! Take care ;). From the thumbnail image I thought he was going to do a Van Damme split on those two Scrapers What size scraper had an engine mounted on the rear ? I remember those also . Thanks for your great videos Looks like a great site to do some recording. Hope they use their cool machines to build also a nice DirtPark for the kids 🚲 Still the most efficient way to move muck 👍🏻

Extreme Dangerous Building Demolition Excavator, Fastest Heavy Equipment Machines Working
  • 13.06.2021
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The chimney: What was the point of setting the wooden supports alight and then impatiently knocking them out anyway. They should watch Fred Dibnah from the 1960s do it correctly. What is the language in the last demolition? Enough with the bell ringing already

10 Police And Military Inventions That Stops Any Speeding Vehicle
  • 10.06.2021
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"To take criminals where they belong." “Stops any speeding vehicle.” Yeah and the pulse of whoever was in it. Helps put the bad guys where they belong" In....a coffin?if there's anything left..."Spikes are useless we need something more useful" Cops: Lets brutally murder those criminals then

10 extremely dangerous crane operation moments, compilation of large mechanical accidents
  • 10.06.2021
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Most shocking video of trucks and large machinery.

10 World's Largest And Most Powerful Production Bulldozers You Need To See
  • 10.06.2021
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They really improve the quality of life thanks to everything who makes this technology The information about each piece of equipment is great. I wish you would include imperial measurements also. One of the few channels I can hit the "like" button even before seeing the video. Well done ! The way he says cummins drives me up a wall i wish u included HP and not just the Kw of engines Great video ; more power is a way to a man's heart The D11 is awesome. They all are actually. Cab forward design is the best

Heavy-Duty Mining Trailers And Other Mega Transports You Need To See
  • 10.06.2021
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Welcome back to another video from lord gizmo. Today we will show you some the powerful heavy-duty mining trailers and other mega transports you need to see. So stick to this video till the end, make sure to subscribe, like, and share, and don't forget to turn on the notification icon. Ok the moving the ship one was absolutely insane so cool though that these machines can do that!! 😯 yah new video thank you, lord gizmo on every video I learn something new Nice video and very informative and very entertaining and very satisfaction more videos. It's like moving a house! Lift it up, slide some wheels under it and away you go! Woow amazing Industrial machinery ! Why whould someone carry a 745 dumper with the same 745 dumper... it literally does not make sense.!!! why don't you drive a 745 dumper itself instead of carrying it with more tires... 🤣🤣

World Incredible Modern Technology Road Construction Equipment Machinery
  • 10.06.2021
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There are no boundaries to admiration, incomparable ... using such a technique and working for pleasure ...It even leaves us so impressed that we don't even want to do anything but watch this beautiful construction all the time. Congratulations. Aracajú Most beautiful city in Brazil Look at these guys' equipment, the service is perfect, impeccable. With so much money that politicians spend, we could have machinery and tools of that level, qualified professionals, in short, unfortunately there is still a long way to go for Brazil to reach this level. two

The Most Incredible Special Trucks and Custom Builds you have to see ▶ Amphibious Vehicle
  • 10.06.2021
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The STV Bv206 must have this versions floats to get even higher payload than usual when in water?!? Nice video and very informative and very entertaining and very satisfaction more videos. the one where says carl Friederichs at the start it's Germany but Germany don't drive right hand drive trucks it's left hand drive so that's wrong Not neccesarily. The company is in germany, but nobody said the car/truck presented was built for the german market. If its intended use is in Great Britain, then its going to be a right-hand truck.

GHH LF-14 Loader Product Video
  • 10.06.2021
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The LF-14 loader has a compact and powerful design, with Best power to weight ratio in its class. Used in both softrock and hardrock underground mining applications. Extremely robust frame and system design resulting in lowest operating cost. Customized buckets with GET and Z-link optimized for loading of dump trucks. Ergonomic ROPS/FOPS safety cabin with large legroom, excellent visibility and intuitive controls (Optional narrow cabin). Solid as a rock breaks also a rock.. That's why we says "Iron cots iron" his bucket is settled by the car

World's Dangerous Maximum Truck Transport Operating Monster Heavy Equipment Driving Skill Machines
  • 08.06.2021
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I like these videos because I like things related to machinery Water supply in north is very bad please try for better service Amazing machines seen ever in life. Good content Top markotop Wow..amazing.. Amazing 👍

Amazing Dangerous Fastest Dump Trucks Operator Skill - Biggest Heavy Equipment Excavator Working
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I have a interesting Business Inquiry for you, how can I contact you? Amazing Dangerous Fastest Dump Trucks Operator Skill - Biggest Heavy Equipment Machines Excavator Working